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Barkin' Walking Set

Barkin' Walking Set

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Barkin' Strength and Comfort Leash (Frog Clip) (Color)
Barkin' Tactical Strength Collar *2-inch* (Size)
Barkin' Tactical Strength Collar *2-inch* (Color)

Spring is coming and that means longer walks! Make these walks more comfortable for you and your strong furry friend with our Walking Set bundle! 

What’s in the bag:

2-inch Tactical Strength Collar with lightweight, breathable padding on the inside to ensure comfort for your pet. This collar also sports a handle for extra control. 

Double Handled Comfort Leash with 360° swivel to avoid tangles and frog clip technology for rapid control and release.

The Barkin Fanny pack adapted with 4 separate pockets capable of holding easy access training treats, phones, water bottles, keys, wallets and more! Adjustable to fit all sizes of people!

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